Tigers Softball Team

Sunday Indoor Softball 2017/8

Each winter the MSL run "turn up and play" indoor sessions on Sunday afternoons at Platt Lane Dome (M14 7UU) from 3pm to 5pm. Given the format there's no Tigers team as such but a number of us go along regularly to the sessions. The sessions cost 5 pounds a week (first session free). The sessions are open to all.

Indoor Softball is played on a smaller pitch than the outdoor version and that means a different pitch layout. Each batter receives only one pitch - if it's a strike or foul ball the batter is out, if it's a ball the batter gets a walk. If a batted ball hits the roof or goes OVER the side wall the batter is out and the ball is dead. A ball that hits a wall on the full within fair territory is a Home Run, though if the Home Run ball is caught before it hits the floor the batter is out and the Home Run negated. Teams bat for a set amount of time (usually between 6 and 7 minutes) rather than for a set number of outs.

Scoring does not work the same way as in a game outside. Instead each base runner that gets round the bases to home plate is worth 1 point, and in addition batters score points depending on how far round the bases they get as a direct result of hitting the ball, so a single is worth 1 point, a double 2 points, a triple 3 and a home run 4 plus the 1 for reaching home plate, so 5 in total. Each out costs the batting team 1 point. A batter who is out for hitting the roof can be out a 2nd time if the batted ball is then caught before it hits the floor (so the batting team lose 2 points).

Sunday Indoor action

Pitch layout

Pitch layout Pitch layout Tigers Softball Team