Tigers Softball Team

Division 2 fixtures and reports

May 1Camels IIPW6AL. 6-10
May 8Marauders7HW. 24-4
May 15Speeders1HW. 21-20
May 22Bats7AW. 16-11
May 29Meerkats0HW. 21-6
June 5Sharks6AW. 11-8
June 12rest???
June 19Camels II1HW. 21-3
June 26Marauders0AW. 24-5
July 3Speeders2AL. 11-12
July 10Bats7HW. 15-0
July 17Meerkats2AW. 18-11
July 24rest???
July 31Sharks6Hp.p.
Aug. 7rest???
Aug. 14Sharks6HW. 10-8
Aug. 21Speeders1AL. 11-23
Aug. 28Sharks3AL. 8-16
Sept. 4Meerkats2HL. 7-26

First game (only) at Parrs Wood


There wasn't a lot riding on this game for us but it was vital for the Meerkats to get the win if they wanted to get promotion and that showed in the performances of the 2 teams. They were determined and efficient and we weren't.

OBP leader and only Home Run Hero was Dan who went 3 for 3 including a 2 run four-bagger. Best of the rest were Brad and Steve who each went 2 for 3.

Alyssa took a nice catch in right field, Craig took a basketful of catches in centre right and we turned a couple of double plays but otherwise there wasn't much to write home about in the field. A downbeat end to a downbeat last 3 weeks of the season but we shouldn't let that overshadow our overall achievement. We won promotion for the 2nd successive year and collected a division winner's trophy to go with it.

Meerkats 6 2 0 6 6 0 6 26
Tigers 2 0 1 3 0 1 0 7


Holly Dan


A disappointing performance. We only started batting in the 6th inning and our fielding was below par throughout.

Ignoring Dave's cameo performance (1 for 1, batted 1000, thank you and good night) James and Brad topped the OBP rankings, each going 3 for 4. There were a few good plays in the field, we made a nice out on a run down between 2nd and 3rd and there was a good double play when Alyssa took a good catch in left field and then doubled off the runner on 3rd but we were flat in the field most of the evening. All in all it was a night to forget.

Tigers 0 0 0 0 0 5 3 8
Sharks 3 0 6 3 1 3 X 16


Alyssa James


With 3 players away we struggled to contain a heavy hitting Speeders team. We started brightly but after the Speeders got a roll on we couldn't live with them. Small mistakes can make a big difference and we made enough mistakes to end up well beaten. We let the pressure get to us at times, pressing at the plate after we got behind on the scoreboard and looking for the miracle play in the field at times rather than just doing the basics and staying calm.

Matty and Emma were our OBP leaders going 3 for 4 and Matty was also our only Home Run Hero with a brace of four-baggers. In the field Brad did a good job at short stop, TK was solid on 1st and James made a promising 2nd Division debut at 3rd. Craig was the stand out in the outfield with Alyssa also doing good work.

Tigers 1 4 1 0 4 1 11
Speeders 0 9 0 4 1 9 23
Called for bad light after 6.


Alyssa Matt


A good win and a good game on a soggy pitch on a soggy day that turned very wet in the last inning. Just like our previous game against the Sharks it was close throughout with some impressive fielding eventually giving us the win.

Steve pitched well, Matt had a good game on 3rd TK was good on 1st and Dan was excellent at short stop turning some nice double plays. Holly made a couple of nice tags at home and Craig was good in the outfield. Everybody else also contributed to a fine team display.

Dan was the OBP leader going 3 for 3, Brad, TK and Craig were best of the rest each going 2 for 3. Craig was also our Home Run hero with a 2 run shot in our 5 run 3rd inning that gave us a lead we never relinquished.

Sharks 3 3 0 0 0 0 2 18
Tigers 2 1 5 0 2 0 X 10


TK Craig


A good win, an important win, not a must win but nice none the less. When we played the Meerkats first time round they never got going, and for the first 3 innings of this game it looked like we were returning the favour, lots of fielding errors and some not very clever batting left us 3-9 down. BUT after that we clicked into gear, we scored 15 runs over the last 4 innings whilst conceding only 2.

Looking at the good stuff, Dan led the OBP stats going 4 for 5. He and Jonny were the Home Rune heroes hitting 1 apiece. Jackie was the female OBP leader, going 3 for 5. Steve pitched well, Dan, Craig and Brad all did good jobs in the infield, Jonny took some important catches in the outfield after coming on as a sub and the whole team looked a lot more switched on defensively in the second half of the game.

Tigers 0 0 3 5 7 3 0 18
Meerkats 3 2 4 1 0 0 1 11


Sophie Dan


After last week's defeat we got back on the horse with a routine win against an overmatched Bats team missing some of their best players. It was a curate's egg of a performance, we were good in the field, albeit against a toothless opposition, but some of the batting left a bit to be desired.

Dan (4 for 4), Jonny and Matty (each 3 for 3) were the OBP leaders, and Dan Jonny and Matty were our home run heroes with 1 apiece. Jackie played well on two. TK was solid on 1st. Alyssa took a couple of nice catches in the outfield and pitcher Matty fielded his position well.

Jerry from the Bats enjoyed the rare distinction of being out 3 times in 2 at bats, he was caught out in right field on his 2nd plate appearance (a nice take by Emma), only for it to be realised that he'd hit an 11 inch ball. Reprieved he batted again and was caught out again in right centre. Definitely not his day.

Bats 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Tigers 4 3 1 2 4 1 15


Jackie Craig


A close but oddly flat game with neither side at their best. After an initial burst of scoring in the first 3 innings neither team did much to trouble the scorers until the 7th. A 3 run burst in the top of the inning gave us a potentially match winning lead but a series of unforced errors in the bottom of the 7th handed the win to the Speeders.

Dan topped the OBP rankings going 4 for 4. Steve both pitched well and also fielded his position well. Dan made some nice plays at short. Holly took a nice catch in right, Alyssa made a couple of good grabs in left field and Brad came oh so close to pulling off a miracle grab that would have saved 3 runs in the 3rd.

Tigers 1 6 1 0 0 0 3 11
Speeders 3 0 4 1 0 0 4 12


TK Dan


A 9 run top of the 1st gave us a lead we never looked like losing. There were lots of good batting performances up and down the line-up and we were efficient in the field.

Craig and Brad topped the OBP rankings, each going 5 for 5. Holly, Dan, Emma and Matty were all close behind, going 4 for 5. Dan and Matty were the Home Run Heroes with 1 apiece.

Steve both pitched well and also fielded his position well. Jackie did a fine job again at 1st. Dan made some really nice plays at short stop and the outfield collectively did a good job.

Tigers 9 1 9 4 1 24
Marauders 3 0 2 0 0 5


Jackie Craig


A polished performance that gave us our 6th win on the bounce. We fielded well and hit better. After a slightly stuttering first inning the bats came to life and we put up big numbers throughout the rest of the game. The Home Runs were shared round with Craig, Dan, Brad and Matty getting one apiece. Dan, Holly, Brad , Steve and Matty all batted 1000.

In the field Jonny took an excellent, telescopic arm catch in left centre, Jackie was good on first, Craig did a fine job at 3rd and Steve both pitched well and fielded his position well but Holly was the pick of the bunch with an all action display at catcher throwing out multiple runners on ground ball mishits.

Camels 0 2 1 0 0 3
Tigers 1 7 6 7 X 21


Holly Steve


A close fought well-played game with some impressive defence on display from both sides. Tied at 3:3 at the end of the 3rd we grabbed a slender lead in the 4th that we managed to hang on for the rest of the game without ever being able to feel comfortable. Batting leader was TK who batted 1000 (4 for 4). Bets of the rest were Dan, Craig and Brad, who all went 3 for 4.

Alyssa was the star in the field with some impressive catches in left. Craig was also good in centre right. Matty pitched well and Holly was the infield queen with an impressive display on 2nd.

Overall this was our best performance of the season so far and we took the win against another team that also played some fine softball.

Tigers 0 3 0 2 1 2 3 11
Sharks 2 1 0 0 1 2 2 8


Alyssa Matty


The Meerkats were in the lead after the first 2 innings but we clicked as a team after that and an eleven run bottom of the 4th put us in position to seal a mercy win in the 5th.

With the exception of a couple of early errors we were generally impressive in the field despite the miserable weather conditions, persistent rain throughout the game making the ball greasy and hard to handle. Stand outs included Matty who pitched well in the trying conditions, Jackie who was good on 1st, Holly who made some nice plays at 2nd and Jonny and Craig who kept things tidy in the outfield.

With the bats Holly, Dan and Craig all batted 1000, all going 4 for 4. Jonny was our Home Run Hero with a 4 bagger in the bottom of the 3rd. We ran the bases well as a team, putting pressure on the opposition and making the most of our opportunities.

A special mention needs to be made of Mikala who did a fine job on her Division 2 debut going 2 for 4 at the plate and not letting anybody down in the field.

Meerkats 1 3 0 0 2 6
Tigers 2 1 4 11 3 21


Jackie Jonny


This game started as a tight affair, with a score of 1:1 after 3 innings, but the runs started to flow after that and our 2 big innings to the Bats 1 meant we chalked up the win.

In the field Matty pitched a good game, Brad showed some nice touches at 3rd and Craig was good in the outfield. OBP leader was Caroline with a not at all lucky 3 for 3 record, Craig was best of the rest going 3 for 4. Home Run Heroes were Emma, Brad and Matty with 1 apiece. All 3 homers were on really nice high quality hits. Holly also continued her hot hitting streak with a couple of nice base hits.

Overall this wasn't a game that will live long in the memory, we didn't play great but we hit well enough to get the job done.

Tigers 0 1 0 2 6 7 0 16
Bats 0 1 0 7 0 2 1 11


TK Matty


We hung onto the Speeders coat tails in the first half of this game before an eight run burst in the bottom of the 5th put us in a position to press on for the win. A couple of (small) defensive wobbles added to some powerful batting gave them the edge in the first half of the game, but we kept in the fight and patience at the plate eventually paid off in our big 5th inning.

Dan was our OBP leader, going 5 for 6 and also hitting both our home runs. TK, Jonny and Brad were close behind in the on base stakes, all going 4 for 5.

In the field Steve pitched a good game, Dan made a couple of really spectacular catches on pop-ups, Jackie was solid on 1st and Craig made some nice outfield plays.

It was close game throughout but after our big 5th innings it was our game to lose and despite a wobble or two we did eventually bring home the win.

Speeders 4 4 0 3 0 6 3 20
Tigers 4 2 1 1 8 4 1 21


Jackie Dan


We had a comfortable win over a gallant Marauders team who had to play 1 short. After a reasonably even first innings we burst into life in the 2nd batting round the order and chalking up eleven runs. That killed the game as a contest and we wrapped things up by the end of the 4th.

After a couple of errors in the 1st everyone played well in the field, with a truly excellent throw to 1st by Sally and some impressive catching the outfield the main highlights. With the bats there were a number of strong performances. 3 Home Runs from Dan grabbed the headlines, with Sally also recording a 4-bagger on her season debut. OBP leaders were Craig, Dan, Steve and Hard-Hittin Holly who all batted 1000.

Overall this was a good solid win after last week's set back and got our league season back on track.

Marauders 3 1 0 0 4
Tigers 4 11 4 5 24


Sally Craig

Camels II

Our first Division 2 game left us defeated but far from disgraced in a tight, well played game where the Camels extra experience at this level eventually gave them the win.

We didn't do a lot wrong in the field with lots of people contributing to a strong team performance. Particular highlights included Craig making an impressive running catch at full stretch in left field and Caroline leaping out from behind the plate to make a fine play and throw on a dribbler to get the out at first.

At the plate Dan and Jonny were the OBP leaders, each going 3 for 3. On the base paths the most memorable moment was Caroline doing a spectacular face plant after tripping over first base (but was she out? No! Did she play on? Yes!).

Tigers 0 1 0 1 0 1 3 6
Camels 0 3 0 4 2 1 X 10


Alyssa Dan