Tigers Softball Team

Tigers Softball Club

About our Club

In our teams, being willing to have a go and having a desire to improve as a player is more important than being a brilliantly gifted athlete. We are pretty friendly as a club and we are always interested in recruiting new players.

We are reasonably competitive in that we do 'play to win' and try our best. We are playing in a league not messing about in the park. BUT we don't go overboard with this - if we play well and lose we would be happy about playing well rather than sulking about losing.

Everything within the teams is done on a pretty informal basis. There is a hard core of players who turn up to practice play every week and then there are others who have other commitments who appear less frequently. As long as you do turn up when you say you will, and tell people in advance when you can't, not being able to play every game isn't a problem.

But I don't know how to play...

The basics of the game are easy to pick up and we have an experienced coach who will help you to get going. The club owns kit which you can use when you play. If you are not sure how the game of softball works then read our "Game of Softball" guide.

Who gets to play ?

There aren't any formal rules about this but in practice team selection is based on commitment.
Tigers Softball Team