Tigers Softball Team

Division 4 fixtures and reports

April 30rest???
May 7Colt 45s7AW. 20-17
May 14Swingers6HW. 25-5
May 21Freeze7H?
May 28Rippers4H?
June 4Enforcers3H?
June 11Thunder IV2A?
June 18Base Invaders4A?
June 25Los Bandidos3A?
July 2Blue Jays8H?
July 9Stingers7A?
July 16????
July 23????
July 30????
August 6????
August 13????
August 20????
August 27????

All games at Parrs Wood


Our second league win was a much more straightforward affair than the first. The Swingers tried hard but didn't have a reliable pitcher and struggled in the field.

We took lots of walks, boosted a lot of batting averages and got better in the field as the game went on. Steve in particular did a lot of good work at 3rd and Mikala was as reliable as ever at 1st.

James was our Home Run hero, Sandra (5 for 5), Ed and Aiden (both 4 for 4) were all perfect at the plate with everyone else getting on base at least twice. It wasn't a game to live long in the memory but we did an efficient job and chalked up the win. Thanks to Jackie for helping out in our hour of need. Freeze should pose a much sterner challenge next week.

Swingers 2 3 0 0 5
Tiggers 7 10 5 3 25


Mikala Steve

Colt 45s

Our first league game as a team ended in a deserved victory over a spirited Colt 45s team that never went away. It was nip and tuck for the first 4 innings before an 8 run top of the 5th gave us a big lead that set up our win.

There were lots of good performances in the field. Oli was excellent at 3rd, Ed gave us some welcome experience at short stop, Lynsey put in a really promising performance on 2nd and Mikala was impressive at 1st. Steve made some nice plays in centre right and James made one really excellent catch of a line drive in left.

At the plate Oli was the OBP leader, going 6 for 6. Female leaders were Rachael and Mikala, each going 4 for 5. Home Run Hero was James who hit a screaming line drive to lead off the 5th.

Overall we produced a really impressive first performance and deserved our win. Special thanks to Jackie for coming along on her night off and scoring and being generally supportive.

Tiggers 3 0 2 1 8 5 1 20
Colt 45s 0 3 0 3 3 5 3 17


Mikala Oli