Tigers Softball Team

Division 4 fixtures and reports

April 30rest???
May 7Colt 45s7AW. 20-17
May 14Swingers6HW. 25-5
May 21Freeze7HW. 20-14
May 28Rippers4HW. 16-6
June 4Enforcers3HW. 16-15
June 11Thunder IV2AW. 18-15
June 18Base Invaders4AL. 5-24
June 25Los Bandidos3AL. 9-19
July 2Blue Jays8HW. 17-2
July 9Stingers7AW. 11-9
July 16Colt 45s3H?
July 23Freeze8H?
July 30restn/an/an/a
August 6Los BandidosH4?
August 13Base InvadersA7?
August 20EnforcersA2?

All games at Parrs Wood


A close fought game against an impressive Stingers team, the runs dried up in the 2nd half of the game after a frisky start that left the teams tied 8 all after 3 innings but we then crawled slowly ahead into a lead that was just large enough to give us the win.

James and Mikala were the OBP leaders, each going 4 for 4. James was also our Home Run hero with his weekly four-bagger. Dave pitched a good game. Steve and Oli made some nice plays at third and shortstop and everyone else did good work as we kept the Stingers to just the 1 run in the last 4 innings of the game.

Tiggers 2 1 5 1 0 1 1 11
Stingers 1 5 2 0 0 0 1 9


Rachael Steve

Blue Jays

A good win in the sun on the new pitch 8 with its unblemished batting boxes. Matty pitched well. Oli was good at short, Harry showed up well at 3rd. Sandra was excellent again on 2nd. Mikala did her normal good job at 1st and the outfield didn't get much chance to shine as we shut the blue jays down for most of the game.

Home Run heroes were James, Craig and Matty with 1 apiece. Lynsey hit really well with Rachael not far behind. Harry's batting continues to improve with each game he plays. Male OBP leaders were James and Matty, each going 4 for 4, Lynsey led the way for the women batting 3 for 4.

Thanks to Craig and Matty for helping us in our hour of need. Hopefully we will have a few bodies back off the DL by next week.

Blue Jays 1 0 0 1 0 2
Tiggers 5 2 5 2 3 17


Sandra Harry


We lost this game but we put in a creditable performance against a Bandidos team that included in their ranks a number of players with extensive Division 1 experience.

James was our Home Run Hero with 3 and also led the OBP standings going 4 for 4 at the plate. Dave and Oli were the best of the rest, each going 3 for 4.

We put in a bit of a curates egg performance in the field, there was some really good stuff and also some not quite so good bits. Dave pitched well, James and Sandra took nice catches in the outfield and Becky did a good job at catcher. Everyone else worked hard and we never let the game run away from us.

Tiggers 2 0 2 0 1 3 1 9
Bandidos 1 3 5 6 2 2 X 19


Sandra James

Base Invaders

We started brightly but found a hard hitting Base Invaders team too hot to handle. Holidays and other absences meant we had had to swap things round in the field and an early injury to Stevie G. meant another reshuffle mid-game.

Fielding highlights included Evie doing a good job on 1st. Steve took a couple of nice catches in the outfield before his injury forced him into the infield and guest Jackie got a couple of tag outs at home.

Steve and James were our Home Run Heroes. James (3 for 3) also headed the OBP standings along with Dave (2 for 2).

Thanks to Jackie for guesting and here's wishing a quick recovery to Steve, with his dodgy ankle, and Lynsey who took a nasty blow to the jaw from a VERY hard hit ball at 3rd that ricocheted up off her glove.

Invaders 1 1 13 3 6 24
Tiggers 4 0 1 0 0 5


Evie James

Thunder IV

A slow start in the field but we came back well and chalked up another win. Our 10 run 3rd innings was the decisive turning point in the game, and our initially leaky defence tightened up impressively in the last 4 innings and helped nail down the result. Defensively it was very much a team effort, the wet conditions meant there were inevitably a large number of handling errors but we didn't panic, kept plugging away and eventually got the result. Dave pitched well and finished with a number of strike outs including one to finish the game.

James was our Home Run Hero and Steve and Mikala were the OBP leaders, each going 4 for 4 at the plate. There were lots of other strong performance up and down the order and almost everyone got at least 1 hit.

It was another lengthy affair and it was nearly half past nine before some of us got back to the pub. Sally and Janine made their Tiggers league debuts and so did Rob, it was a great to see them all out on the pitch.

Tiggers 2 0 10 2 0 4 0 18
Freeze 6 1 5 1 1 1 0 15


Lynsey James


At 13-5 down half way through the 5th we were looking down the barrel of our first league defeat of the season but we didn't give up and a 6 run bottom of the 5th put us right back in contention. One run behind with 2 down and no one on base in the bottom of the 7th things looked grim again but the rookie middle of the order did the business sending home the tying and then the winning run.

In the field Sandra did a fine job on 2nd, James looked good after moving to short stop half way through the game and Dave pitched a good game.

James (4 for 4) and Dave (3 for 3) both batted 1000 and James was also our Home Run hero, his 3 run Homer in the 5th being central to our come back. There were lots of other good performances up and down the line up. Oli C. and Harry each went 3 for 4 as they made their debuts for the team with both looked promising.

Enforcers 2 2 0 0 1 1 0 6
Tiggers 2 5 1 1 6 1 X 16


Sandra James


An efficient defensive performance combined with just enough good hitting gave us the win. A five run bottom of the 2nd gave us a lead that was never seriously threatened by a Rippers team who had to reorganise their line up part way through the game due to injury.

Steve G. was our Home Run hero with a Grand Slam that highlighted our 6 run 5th inning. OBP queen was Mikala who went 5 for 5. In the field guest Steve B. pitched well, Sandra did a fine job at 2nd and Mikala was a rock at 1st. Everyone else also did their bit in a good team performance.

Thanks to Steve for guesting and to Ed for playing for us in these first 4 league games, an injury crisis for the Mayhem team has meant that he's been called up to the majors rather earlier in the season than originally planned.

Rippers 2 2 0 0 1 1 0 6
Tiggers 2 5 1 1 6 1 X 16


Sandra Steve


A fine team performance gave us the win against the previously undefeated Freeze. An 8 run second inning gave us a lead that we never gave up. Freeze came close in the bottom of the 6th but a 5 run top of the 7th put us back in a comfortable lead.

In the field there were lots of good performances all over the park. Dave pitched his best game of the season so far. Ed did a fine job at short stop. Lynsey put in a promising performance at 3rd. Aiden did lots of good stuff at 2nd, Mikala did her customary fine job at 1st, James and Oli both took good catches in the outfield (with Oli doing a similarly fine job at 2nd in the 7th) and all the rest of the team also contributed.

With the bats Dave (5 for 5) was the male OBP leader with Mikala (4 for 5) leading the way for the women. Evie also deserves a mention for her best batting performance of the season so far. There were lots of other good performances up and down the line-up and the whole team ran the bases with aggression that didn't tip over into stupidity.

Our initial plans to bat 6 and 6 in this game were scuppered by the unfortunate but unavoidable withdrawal of one of the male players. Janine was the unfortunate one who missed out as a result, but took the set back without complaining and did valuable work with the camera over the evening.

Tiggers 0 8 0 3 2 2 5 20
Freeze 2 0 3 2 1 6 0 14


Mikala Dave


Our second league win was a much more straightforward affair than the first. The Swingers tried hard but didn't have a reliable pitcher and struggled in the field.

We took lots of walks, boosted a lot of batting averages and got better in the field as the game went on. Steve in particular did a lot of good work at 3rd and Mikala was as reliable as ever at 1st.

James was our Home Run hero, Sandra (5 for 5), Ed and Aiden (both 4 for 4) were all perfect at the plate with everyone else getting on base at least twice. It wasn't a game to live long in the memory but we did an efficient job and chalked up the win. Thanks to guest Jackie for helping out in our hour of need.

Swingers 2 3 0 0 5
Tiggers 7 10 5 3 25


Mikala Steve

Colt 45s

Our first league game as a team ended in a deserved victory over a spirited Colt 45s team that never went away. It was nip and tuck for the first 4 innings before an 8 run top of the 5th gave us a big lead that set up our win.

There were lots of good performances in the field. Oli was excellent at 3rd, Ed gave us some welcome experience at short stop, Lynsey put in a really promising performance on 2nd and Mikala was impressive at 1st. Steve made some nice plays in centre right and James made one really excellent catch of a line drive in left.

At the plate Oli was the OBP leader, going 6 for 6. Female leaders were Rachael and Mikala, each going 4 for 5. Home Run Hero was James who hit a screaming line drive to lead off the 5th.

Overall we produced a really impressive first performance and deserved our win. Special thanks to Jackie for coming along on her night off and scoring and being generally supportive.

Tiggers 3 0 2 1 8 5 1 20
Colt 45s 0 3 0 3 3 5 3 17


Mikala Oli