Tigers Softball Team

Tigers League fixtures and reports

27th AprilFreeze 2A32-10
4rd May Thunder III 6H27-7
11th May Colt 45s 1A19-15
18th May Rippers 2H18-12
25th May Enforcers 4A21-6
1st June Swingers 2H23-3
8th June Bandidos 6H19-18
15th JuneStingers7H15-14
22st June Seagulls 1A27-2
29th June Tiggers 3A31-15
6th July Thunder IV 3A31-8
13th JulyStingers 8A26-5
20th July Freeze 2H17-25
27th July REST ?n/a?
3rd August Colt 45s 3H?
10th August Thunder III 8A?
17th August Bandidos 1A?

All games at Parrs Wood

20/07/21 Freeze

All good things come to an end and the Tigers unbeaten start to the season juddered to a halt in game 13 of the season when we lost to an impressive Freeze team. Absences and other players playing when injured meant that we were not at our best.

Glen (5 for 5) was the OBP leader with Alyssa (4 for 5) best of the rest. Home Run Heroes were Rich and James with one apiece.

Glen was a stand out defensively, TK did good work on 1st, Jackie finished off an impressive relay by getting the out at the plate and guest Harry also did a good job in both infield and outfield.

Freeze 2 6 2 1 5 3 5 25
Tigers 5 3 1 2 5 0 1 17


TK Harry

13/07/21 Stingers

The Tigers took a winning lead early in this game and the Stingers never looked like coming back into it. In the top of the 2nd the 15 runs were all scored with 2 outs and that inning killed the game as a contest. Ed and Glen did a good job in the infield and Aly took a couple of nice outfield catches.

OBP leaders were Rob and Alyssa who each went 5 for 5 and also Jeremy who went 4 for 4. The only Home Run was hit by Jeremy, base hitting and good base running did the rest.

Tigers 10 15 0 1 26
Stingers 0 3 2 0 5


Alyssa Rob

06/07/21 Thunder IV

The Tigers took an early lead in this game and added steadily to their score through the game after that without having the big inning that would have killed the game off until the 6th.

OP leader was James who went 6 for 6, Glen and Ed close behind going 5 for 6. James was also the leading Home Run Hero with 3, with TK and Ed also chalking up 1 apiece.

In the field the whole team worked hard in the wet to keep Thunder's scoring under control with Holly looking impressive again on 2nd and TK having a good game on 1st.

Tigers 8 4 5 3 1 10 31
Thunder IV 2 2 3 0 0 1 8


TK James

29/06/21 Tiggers

A high scoring intra club battle that ended in a well deserved and resounding win for the Tigers. At 10 nil after the top of the first it looked like it might be a short night but the Tiggers fought back well to take the game to the full 7 innings.

For the Tigers Rob lead the OBP listings going 6 for 6. TK and Holly were best of the rest, each going 5 for 6. There were lots of Tigers Home Runs, TK got a pair and James, Rich, Ed, Holly and Glen got one each. Aiden was the Tiggers batting leader, going 5 for 5, Oli and Abbey were the best of the rest, each going 4 for 5.

In the field for the Tigers Alyssa was impressive in the outfield, Jackie and TK were a strong double act on 1st and 2nd, or 2nd and 1st depending whilst Jeremy pitched well again, even if he got the yips when trying to throw to 1st. :)

For the Tiggers Harry worked hard at short stop, Oli led the way in the outfield, Caroline and Sandra were dependable on 1st and 2nd and Erin got a nice tag out at home. Dave pitched a good game. All in all the Tigers showed their class but the Tiggers were far from disgraced and could hold their heads up high at the end of the evening.

Tigers 10 1 3 4 2 3 8 31
Tiggers 2 3 0 2 1 3 4 15


TK Rob

22/06/21 Seagulls

This was a routine win for the Tigers against a weakened Seagulls line up.

Jackie and Ed each batted 1000, Holly was best of the rest going 4 for 5. Home Run heroes were Ed, Rich and James with 1 apiece, Emma and TK each hit a triple. The absence of Rob and Glen meant that there was a reorganisation in the field with Rich making a successful move to 3rd base. Ed was good again at short stop and James was the pick of the outfield.

Tigers 2 4 8 13 27
Seagulls 0 0 0 2 2


Alyssa Ed

15/06/21 Stingers

A tough day at the office for the Tigers but after an early scare we shut down an impressive Stingers team for the 2nd half of the game and eventually claimed the win with an at bat in hand.

James and Ed were the OBP leaders, both batting 1000 (each 4 for 4). Ed and Alyssa claimed 1 Home Run each, including last weekend Alyssa has now hit a Home Run in each of her last 4 games.

In the field Glen was the star flashing the leather at 3rd TK did a good job at 1st, Jeremy pitched well, Ed made some nice plays at short stop, Alyssa took a good outfield catch, Emma did a tidy job in right field and Caroline got the out on a pop up at catcher.

Stingers 3 7 1 2 0 0 1 14
Tigers 4 0 1 4 1 5 X 15


TK Glen

08/06/21 Bandidos

A top of the table clash between 2 previously undefeated teams that lived up to the pre match billing. The Bandidos took at early lead, which the Tigers gradually clawed back before taking the lead themselves for the first time in the bottom of the 4th. It was a see saw affair for the rest of the game with the lead changing hands for the 5th and final time in the bottom of the 7th when the Tigers grabbed the honours on a 2 out hit from guest Jeremy. (Just in time as James had had to set off for work before the inning ended).

OBP leaders were Alyssa, James and Jeremy who all batted 1000. Holly was best of the rest going 4 for 5. Rich, Jeremy and James were the Home Run heroes with one 4 bagger apiece. In the field Glen was good at 3rd James worked hard at short stop, Jackie got a nice tag at home, Rich made an impressive catch in the outfield and TK did some good work at 1st including snaring a tricky pop up in foul territory.

Bandidos 5 1 2 1 5 1 3 18
Tigers 1 2 2 7 1 3 3 19


Holly Jeremy

01/06/21 Swingers

A one sided game played in a friendly atmosphere, possibly just as well given that the umpire never appeared.

OBP leaders were James Rob (each 4 for 4) and Emma and Jeremy (each 3 for 3) who all batted 1000. Jeremy and James each claimed a Home Run.

Rob took a couple of nice catches in the outfield. Jeremy pitched well. James did a decent job filling in at short stop. Holly did her normal good job at 2nd and Jackie and TK were both efficient in the infield.

Swingers 8 13 2 X 23
Tigers 0 0 0 2 2 0 5 9


Holly James

25/05/21 Enforcers

The Tigers started slowly again in this game but then got progressively more dominant as it went on.

OBP leaders were Rob (5 for 5) and Jeremy (4 for 4) who each batted 1000. Female leaders were Alyssa and Jackie (each 3 for 5). Good base running helped turn the hits into runs.

Jackie did solid work as catcher including 2 throws to get the out at 1st. Aly and Rob did good work in the outfield. Jeremy pitched well. Ed was "absolutely brilliant" at short stop with Holly solid at second base. TK had a good game at first.

Tigers 0 3 5 3 3 7 21
Enforcers 1 2 3 0 0 0 6



18/05/21 Rippers

The Tigers recovered from a shaky start to chalk up an ultimately comfortable win against a gallant Rippers side. Ed (5 for 5) and Rich (4 for 4) each batted 1000. TK was the female OBP leader going 3 for 5 (600). Ed was this week's Home Run Hero with a four bagger to cap off our 9 run 3rd inning.

In the field Ed played well at short stop with the highlight a well executed single handed double play, tagging the runner between 2nd and 3rd and then treading on 2nd to get the runner from 1st.. Holly had another good game at 2nd , Aly made some nice catches in left field whilst James and Richard worked well together in left and right centre.

Rippers 0 8 0 0 0 2 2 12
Tigers 0 1 9 0 5 3 X 18


Alyssa Ed

11/05/21 Colt 45s

The Tigers on field action was overshadowed this week by the match day news that Steve had broken his arm and will be out of action for 6-8 weeks. The gap in the on field line up was filled by experienced guest Jeremy Fothergill who hit our only Home Run of the evening and also swiped the male MVP award. Male OBP leaders were Ed and Jeremy who each went 5 for 5 (1000). Female leader was Alyssa who went 4 for 5 (800).

In the field both Rob and Glen made some nice plays at 3rd, Jeremy pitched a strong game recording a number of strike outs, Holly made short work of any and all pop ups at catcher and Ed made a fine fielding play in the 7th to rob Mario Rueda of a possible 3rd Home Run.

Tigers 3 2 2 5 3 3 1 19
Colt 45s 0 2 5 6 1 1 0 15


Alyssa Jeremy

04/05/21 Thunder III

The Tigers juggernaut rolled onwards with another mercy win. Several people were perfect at the plate, Ed and Rich each went 4 for 4, with Sandra, Holly and Rob all 3 for 3. Our only Home Run came from Rich when he led off in the top of the 1st but a lack of homers didn't mean a lack of runs.

In the field Ed and Holly worked their magic at SS and 2nd. Steve pitched well. Glen did a good job at 3rd and TK and Sandra were solid at first and catcher respectively. In the outfield the highlight play was a nice catch by Aly whilst James worked perhaps too hard, tweaking his hamstring towards the end of the game.

Thunder III 0 3 1 3 7
Tigers 5 16 6 X 27


Alyssa James

27/04/21 Freeze

After being 3-2 down after the first 2 innings the Tigers roared into life with an 18 run 3rd inning that killed the game as a contest. An 8 run 4th nailed down the coffin lid. There were strong batting performances all the way up and down the line up. Male OBP leader was Rich who batted 1000, going 5 for 5, closely followed by Glen who went 5 for 6. Female leaders Emma, TK and Holly shared the honours all going 4 for 5 (800). Home Run Heroes were James and Ed with a pair each. Steve also claimed a four bagger. One of Ed's homers was a grand slam. Steve also took the opportunity to show off his sliding skills.

In the infield Ed put in a fine performance at shortstop. Holly played well on 2nd, Steve pitched well, TK and Jackie put in solid performances and Glen took one for the team when he stopping a hard ground ball with his shin. In the outfield James put in an MVP performance, Aly was her normal excellent self, Richard and Emma were a very reliable right outfield with the highlight being Emma's ankle high running catch.

Tigers 0 2 18 8 4 32
Freeze 0 3 4 2 1 10


Alyssa James
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