Tigers Softball Team

Tiggers League fixtures and reports

27th AprilSeagulls 8H2-17
4rd May Bandidos 7A11-12
11th May Enforcers 8H24-33
18th May Swingers 1H9-17
25th May Thunder IV 1A10-11
1st June Freeze 6H9-8
8th June Rippers 3H14-11
15th JuneColt 45s3A14-15
22st June Thunder III 2H17-28
29th June Tigers 3H15-31
6th July Stingers 1A13-16
13th JulyRaiders 3A20-0
20th July Swingers 6A19-12
27th July Seagulls 4A?
3rd August Screwballs 8H?
10th August Thunder IV 1H?
17th August Rippers 7A?
24th August Enforcers 1A?

All games at Parrs Wood

20/07/21 Swingers

A nip and tuck game in the first half but the Tiggers then took control in the 5th and 6th, scoring 12 runs to 1 in the 2 innings, a scoring burst which gave us an unassailable lead.

OBP leaders were Oli, Lynsey and Matt who all went 4 for 5. Home Run Heroes were Oli (2) and Matt (1). Caroline and Courtney deserve a special mention, they took 5 walks between them which played a big role in setting up run scoring opportunities for the team.

In the field Oli pitched a good game, Lynsey looked good again on 1st, Caroline turned a nice double play at 2nd, Rachael took a good catch at catcher on a pop up in the 7th and Matt did good work at short stop.

Tiggers 2 0 2 3 3 9 0 19
Swingers 1 0 2 5 0 1 3 12


Lynsey Matt

13/07/21 Raiders

An efficient win against a very raw Raiders team. We started slowly but grew into the game putting crooked numbers on the board in both the 3rd and 4th innings.

In the field Oli pitched a good game, Harry put in a good performance at short stop and Lynsey looked promising at 1st. OBP leaders were Courtney and Rachael who each went 3 for 3, best of the rest was Abbey who went 3 for 4. Home Run heroes were Matt with 1 and Courtney who hit two. The first home runs of his softball career, the first but not the last.

A big Tiggers welcome to Ruby Sanders, who not only played for the team for the first time but also helped out with the scoring.

Tiggers 4 0 7 9 20
Raiders 0 0 0 0 0


Abbbey Courtney

06/07/21 Stingers

A see saw game which the Stingers eventually won because of their better team work. A 6 run burst in the bottom of the 2nd gave the Stingers an early lead which we overhauled with a big inning of our own in the 4th. We couldn't hold on though, they added runs every inning whereas only scored 1 run in the last 3 innings.

OBP leaders were Abbey, Oli and Dave who each went 4 for 4. Sandra was best of the rest going 3 for 4. In the field Dave pitched a good game, Abbey was stand out player in the outfield, Oli did a lot of good work at short and Lynsey looked promising on 1st.

The two big differences between the teams were the better base running of the Stingers, they were good at exploiting our fielding errors to take the extra base, and also they were generally better in the outfield, both things that showed the work they have done practising as a team.

Tiggers 0 2 2 8 1 0 0 13
Stingers 1 6 1 2 2 4 X 16


Abbey Oli

29/06/21 Tigers

A high scoring intra club battle that ended in a well deserved and resounding win for the Tigers. At 10 nil after the top of the first it looked like it might be a short night but the Tiggers fought back well to take the game to the full 7 innings.

For the Tigers Rob lead the OBP listings going 6 for 6. TK and Holly were best of the rest, each going 5 for 6. There were lots of Tigers Home Runs, TK got a pair and James, Rich, Ed, Holly and Glen got one each. Aiden was the Tiggers batting leader, going 5 for 5, Oli and Abbey were the best of the rest, each going 4 for 5.

In the field for the Tigers Alyssa was impressive in the outfield, Jackie and TK were a strong double act on 1st and 2nd, or 2nd and 1st depending whilst Jeremy pitched well again, even if he got the yips when trying to throw to 1st. :)

For the Tiggers Harry worked hard at short stop, Oli led the way in the outfield, Caroline and Sandra were dependable on 1st and 2nd and Erin got a nice tag out at home. Dave pitched a good game. All in all the Tigers showed their class but the Tiggers were far from disgraced and could hold their heads up high at the end of the evening.

Tigers 10 1 3 4 2 3 8 31
Tiggers 2 3 0 2 1 3 4 15


Abbbey Dave

22/06/21 Thunder III

The Tiggers just couldn't stop leaking runs in this high scoring game against Thunder III. We had one big inning in the bottom of the 2nd but couldn't compete after that as Thunder kept piling on the pressure.

Courtney was the OBP leader, going 4 for 4, Oli was best of the rest going 4 for 5. Home Run heroes were Oli and Abbey with 1 apiece. Abbey also went 3 for 4 and seems to have put her problems transitioning from fastpitch to slowpitch hitting well behind her. In the field Harry showed promise at short stop and Abbey was the best of the outfielders. Overall though whilst the dry conditions are making fielding tough at the moment we were well below par in this game.

All the Tiggers would like to wish Rich Sarver, who took a nasty blow to the leg whilst pitching, a speedy recovery.

Thunder III 3 0 9 3 4 5 4 28
Tiggers 2 8 2 0 0 1 4 17


Abbey Oli

15/06/21 Colt 45s

The Tiggers shot into an early lead in this game but couldn't hold onto it as Mario inspired Colt 45s came back to claim the win.

Oli was the OBP leader, going 4 for 4 (1000), Lynsey and Abbey were the best of the rest, each going 3 for 4. (750). Matt was our only Home Run Hero, hitting a 2 run dinger in the 4th.

In the field Sandra did a good job on 2nd, highlighted by her fantastic full stretch catch of a line drive. Rachael put in another promising performance at 1st and Dave managed to avoid giving too many walks away despite being blinded by the sun whilst pitching.

Tiggers 8 0 0 3 0 3 14
Colt 45s 0 3 4 4 4 X 15


Lynsey Oli

08/06/21 Rippers

The Rippers shot into an early lead in this game but couldn't hold onto it as the Tiggers put in their best performance so far this season to grab the win.

Oli (4 for 4) and Conor (3 for 3) were the OBP leaders, Matt was best of the rest going 3 for 4. Home Run heroes were Oli, with a pair and Conor, with his first MSL homer - the first of many we hope and expect! In the field Oli pitched well, Conor took some nice catches in the outfield, Rachael looked promising at 1st and both Sandra and Caroline did good work at 2nd.

Caroline's return from her long injury break went well, though she did make the mistake of hitting the ball too far too often which put some pressure on her repaired ankle as she ran round the bases to chalk up a pair of doubles.

Rippers 0 5 1 2 1 0 2 11
Tiggers 0 2 6 3 2 1 X 14


Rachael Oli

01/06/21 Freeze

A similar plot to the previous week's game in many ways but with a twist at the end which involved the Tiggers coming from behind to chalk up our first win of the season by scoring 4 runs in the bottom of the 7th.

Oli (4 for 4) and Abbey (3 for 3) were the OBP leaders, Lynsey was best of the rest going 3 for 4. In the field Dave pitched well, Harry recovered from an uncertain start to put in a fine performance at 3rd, Matt took a series of catches at short Mikala was solid on 1st and Becky took a nice catch in right field. We had a few wobbles defensively but overall we kept their scoring under control and hung in there long enough for the bats to wake up in the 2nd half of the game.

Freeze 1 4 0 0 2 1 0 8
Tiggers 0 0 0 0 2 3 4 9


Mikala Harry

25/05/21 Thunder IV

Close but no cigar again for the Tiggers, with a slow start leaving us too much to do against a Thunder IV team who in the end got the winning run courtesy of a wicked bounce off a base that turned a routine out into a hit with 2 down in the bottom of the 7th.

It took until the 4th inning. until we came to terms with a slippy batter's box that made hitting harder for both teams. Rachael led the OBP chart going 4 for 4 (1000). Matt's pinch hit double led the male OBP list and also moved him into the lead on the all season leader board. Harry was best of the rest going 3 for 4.

In the field Harry and Oli looked good at 3rd and Short respectively, Erin made some nice plays at catcher including a couple of tags at home, Dave pitched a good game and Mikala put in a solid performance at first. Thanks to Jen for taking the photos.

Tiggers 0 0 0 4 1 0 5 10
Thunder IV 5 0 0 1 0 4 1 11


Mikala Harry

18/05/21 Swingers

A very inexperienced Tiggers line up fell victim to an improving Swingers team. Shaky fielding in the first 3 innings gave the Swingers a big lead that we never looked like pulling back. We did improve in the 2nd half of the game and ended up outscoring the Swingers in the last 4 innings but it was never going to be enough.

Matt was the male OBP leader, going 5 for 5. Abbey and Erin shared the female lead, each going 3 for 4. Once we started getting people on base we produced some good base running, pushing for the extra base.

In the field Dave pitched efficiently in his first start of the season and Rachael was effective when she came on in relief. Courtney took a couple of nice catches in the outfield, Harry looked good at 3rd after he came into the game and Aiden got a nice tag for the out at home on a base runner who confidently expected to score.

Thanks to Ashley for helping us out in our hour of need.

Swingers 8 2 2 1 2 0 2 17
Tiggers 0 0 0 2 2 0 5 9


Rachael Matt

11/05/21 Enforcers

Not one for the purist, both teams were a lot better at bat than in the field and in the end the Enforcers extra experience helped them to a high scoring win (later reversed as they had fielded an illegal line up).

OBP leader was Oli who went 5 for 5 (1000) with some nice hitting to right field. There was a 3 way tie for the female lead with Lynsey, Mikala and Becky all going 4 for 5 (800). Our Home Run Hero was Harry who also hit a triple.

Highlights in the field were rare but Harry showed some nice touches at 3rd base and Lynsey took a nice catch on a pop up at 2nd. Oli battled hard at pitcher, there will be a dry night at some point this season honest! And Dave put in a cameo appearance in the 6th, giving Oli a break during what was a very long game.

Enforcers 2 8 6 6 4 4 3 33
Tiggers 6 3 1 3 2 5 4 24


Abbey Oli

04/05/21 Bandidos

The Tiggers put in a much improved performance against the Bandidos, coming oh so close to a first win of the season. We took an early lead and held it until the bottom of the 7th, in the end though they had just that bit too much batting power for us to hang on.

OBP leaders were Abbey and Matt who each went 3 for 4 (750). Home Run heroes were Oli and Matt with 1 four bagger apiece. Good base running was a feature of the game, we made the most of our hits and took the extra base when available.

Matt did another fine job at short stop. Abbey looked very promising at 3rd Mikala made a welcome return at 1st and Conor took a nice catch in the outfield. Oli did a good job pitching and is looking more at home there every week.

Tiggers 1 5 0 0 3 1 1 11
Bandidos 1 0 2 1 3 1 4 12


Abbey Oli

27/04/21 Seagulls

The Tiggers were no match for a strong Seagulls side. We looked very rusty at the start and whilst we then did get better in the field our batting never really looked strong enough for us to be competitive.

Female OBP leader was Lynsey who went 2 for 2 (1000). Male OBP leader was Oli who went 2 for 3 (667). Fielding highlight was a 1-3-2 double play to finish the 3rd inning.

Matt did a fine job on debut playing at Short stop. Lynsey mad some nice plays on 2nd and everyone worked hard. We did leave the bases loaded twice, so with a couple of extra base hits we could have got a lot closer but in the end we lost to a stronger team.

Seagulls 4 0 4 8 1 17
Tiggers 0 1 1 0 0 2


Lynsey Matt
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