Tigers Softball Team

Tuesday Night Indoor Softball

We are running two Tigers teams in the Tuesday evening Indoor League. All games are played at Fives Trafford in Trafford Park (M17 8DD).

Tigers in action

Tuesday indoor rules changes

Each batter receives only one pitch - if it's a strike or foul ball the batter is out, if it's a ball the batter gets a walk. Teams bat for a set amount of time rather than for a set number of outs. If a batted ball hits the roof (the actual roof - not the net over the pitch) the batter is out and the ball is dead. Scoring is similar to outdoors, one run per runner who crosses home plate. When a batter hits the far wall for a Home Run the batter, and any base runners, don't physically run the bases, they all just leave the pitch, with one run credited for each of them. A batter can be caught out even if the ball has previously hit a wall or netting.

Pitch layout

Indoor Softball is played on a much smaller pitch than the outdoor version and that means a different pitch layout. A ball that hits the floor is either fair or foul, a ball that hits a wall on the full may be a Home Run, Out, or Play On (note that a batter can be caught out even if the ball has first hit a side wall or the net below the roof).

Pitch layout Pitch layout Pitch layout

Tigers Softball Team